Fuji X-T1 – Why does it get more use than my Canon 5d3?

Update: I no longer use the Fuji-X system, I’ve moved over to Sony with the A9. Check out my much more up too date Sony A9 review here!

Disclaimer: this is not really a wedding related article so any clients looking for that please skip past this post unless you are also interested in camera geek talk.

I’m using Fuji X cameras more and more for both personal and professional use, here’s a few reasons why the Canon DSLR’s are spending more time on the shelf than ever before:

  • Lens Quality: All of the Fuji primes are superb in their own right and their zooms are pretty handy as well. For my own use I am completely covered, with the exception of a fast f1.4 24mm isn equivalent prime which I would love for my wedding work. What’s that? It’s on the lens roadmap, which Fuji kindly provide its users. Great! The primes that I have used (14, 23, 35 & 56) have all been nail bitingly sharp and produce beautiful images. I have no qualms comparing them to my Canon L glass and they come out favourably when all factors, such as size/cost, are considered.

The 35 f1.4 is incredibly sharp, renders out of focus beautifully and is a bargain!

  • Gorgeous Images: I’m not going to go into details here, as plenty of reviewers have covered it, but let me just say that for my needs as a professional photographer, no client has ever noticed a difference between my Fuji images and my Canon 5d3 images. I have also printed them as large as I will ever need to and they are gorgeous. 16mp is ample for most photographers and clients.

Shot on the original Fuji X100, which was only 12mp. I have this on my wall at home, printed at 30″ wide, and it looks fantastic.No need for more megapixels!

  • Form Factor: Obviously this is a key point to the cameras. They are the right size for me, they are light, they have dials galore. I hardly ever enter the menu system. I can glance down and see all my camera settings. I can set them up for most shooting situations without even turning them on. I can carry two XT-1’s at a wedding without feeling weighed down.

Shot on the 60mm Macro with gelled off camera flash.

  • I love EVF’s: Now that the technology has matured, I have found that I prefer working with the XT-1 EVF over an optical viewfinder. I don’t need to check the shots on the back LCD anywhere near as much because I can see my exposure accurately while shooting. This gives me confidence to just carry on and trust that I am getting the shots, meaning I can concentrate on composition, light, and anticipating moments. For wedding work this is a big deal.

Kids always draw a crowd at weddings!

  • Form Factor Again: Use the XT-1 without a grip and with a small prime lens on and you can blend in with crowds, without looking like ‘the photographer’ with a large DSLR and lens. This is so useful for me at a wedding, the camera is nowhere near as threatening. I also have been getting great results from looking down on the tilt screen and shooting from the hip. This feature is brilliant in receptions at weddings and I am getting lots of shots of the guests interacting without them being camera aware. They are also very quiet, especially the X100(s).

Shot using the rear screen, quickly and quietly, without interrupting this group.

The cameras are not perfect by any means, and the negatives have been well documented over the internet, but for me, they are fantastic and the pros massively outweigh the cons. Oh and for anyone  still worried about the focus speed, please see the images below of my collies, they don’t hang around much! Genuinely though, if you take the time to learn how to work the camera properly, then you can consider focus speed on the recent models (especially the XT-1) to no longer be an issue for most users. The battery life on the other hand… buy lots of spares!

Here are a few more images taken with these versatile, brilliant cameras, a mixture of personal snapshots and professional use.


Author: Paul Richards

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