Pendennis Castle Wedding Photography – Sarah & Phil

pendennis castle wedding fireworks
Pendennis Castle in Falmouth is the sort of venue that makes wedding photographers happy. A castle, on a headland, with stunning views? Yes, that will do nicely. So when Sarah & Phil booked their Pendennis Castle wedding with me, it was hard not to look forward to it! Scroll down for a small selection of their wedding photos.

Of course, being a documentary wedding photographer, it’s not really about the venue for me. I mean, while I do love going to all kinds of different locations, what I really love is a good group of friends and family getting together and enjoying themselves, really letting go and celebrating the couple’s day. Weddings are ALL about the people for me. You could get married in a grotty shed for all I care, as long as the emotions, the joy, and the love is bursting from the people involved.

On that note, I think myself a very lucky photographer when I get both a great group of people and a cracking venue. And that’s what I got here; lovely people, lovely venue, and a brilliant couple who embraced their nerves and enjoyed their day to the fullest. Scroll down and enjoy some of their wedding photos. Oh yeah, and fireworks are ace. BOOM!

If you are looking for a Falmouth wedding photographer, whether at Pendennis Castle or Restrongeut Barton nearby perhaps, or anywhere in Falmouth, please give me a shout and see if we are a good fit!

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