Lusty Glaze Wedding Photography – Sam & Claire

It’s difficult not to enjoy being a wedding photographer sometimes… especially so when the wedding is at Lusty Glaze and the couple are Sam & Claire. Scroll down to see a selection of their wedding photography at the wonderful Lusty Glaze Beach.

Barefoot. That’s how I spent most of my day. Trousers rolled up and feet in the sand. Sometimes wedding photography doesn’t feel like work.

Sam & Claire surrounded themselves with their, quite frankly, lovely group of friends and family at Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay, Cornwall for their wedding day. It was a gorgeous day in the height of summer, and couldn’t have been a more relaxed affair. My day started early over with Sam in Falmouth to catch the lads getting ready, before they hopped onto a route-master bus with a load of the other guests for the trip over to Newquay. The iconic red bus was a nice nod to the fact that, while the couple are both from Cornwall, they met in London.

After that I headed over to Claire, in Truro, to catch up with the girls, before zooming off to Newquay! Lusty Glaze is one of my favourite wedding venues, having grown up just down the road and visiting the beach loads throughout my childhood. It really is somewhere that I know like the back of my hand.

Following a lovely ceremony, it was time to get outside on to the sand for drinks, canapés, beach games, strolls down to the water, and just generally soaking in the sun and the beach atmosphere. Food and some brilliant speeches followed and then the sunset signalled the start of the partying proper. A seriously good soul band got everyone pumped up; not that it was needed with such a great bunch of people gathered together to celebrate. Everyone got involved and enjoyed themselves and made the most of the fantastic venue.

Sam & Claire were a complete pleasure to be around and a joy to photograph, they clearly are very much in love and just seem perfect together. Their friends and family were all so warm and welcoming, and I didn’t for one second feel like ‘the photographer’. I felt more like a guest who just happened to be taking photos, which is just perfect for a documentary style wedding photographer.

If you are considering having your wedding at Lusty Glaze, or anywhere in Newquay, I’d love to be considered for your wedding photography. Make sure you get in touch soon to avoid disappointment as dates book up far in advance.

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