An Epic Cornwall Beach Wedding

Charlee & Luke’s Lusty Glaze Beach Wedding

First things first; Charlee & Luke are two of the greatest human beings going. Both firefighters. Both full of energy and joy and a love for life. It was, quite frankly, soooo much fun to photograph their day. Definitely one of my top weddings ever.

Secondly; they chose Lusty Glaze as their venue, which, if you’ve been following my work you will probably know, I happen to think is one of the best venues in Cornwall and one I love to work at. Here’s my main Lusty Glaze wedding guide page with tons of info and pics about weddings at Lusty.

And finally; if you want to know how to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, this wedding is a pretty good guide. Focus on the important stuff. Friends & family, food & drink, music & dancing and just a touch of crazy here and there! Enjoy it fully and don’t sweat the details. Laughter, smiles & a ton of love. Love is all you need.

Over to the pics, enjoy, and get in touch if you want me to capture your wedding bash.

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