All the Info

All The Info

Details, faq's and pricing

how does this work??

how does this work??

It's simple.

Have a chat over a video call or meet for a coffee. Bombard me with questions which I will answer in a totally awesome and convincing way, completely putting you at ease about this whole wedding photography thing!


An easy three minute online booking page and a £250 booking fee.

3. Relax

Your wedding photography is sorted. You can tick off another thing on the to-do list.

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Okay that sounds good but what's the damage??

95% go for



* All day coverage - prep to party

* No clock watching - no stress

* 500+ images - fully edited, high res, ready to print

* anywhere in cornwall & Devon included


*add £250 for the rest of uk to cover travel/accommodation

*All prices for Weekend weddings, Contact me for bespoke Mid-Week pricing

So how much?

95% go for







*add £250 for the rest of uk to cover travel/accommodation

*All prices for Weekend weddings, Contact me for bespoke Mid-Week pricing


* For intimate weddings

* up to 8hrs

* 300+ images



* for the epic weekenders!

* everything from 'the full story' plus more

* up to 6hrs extra on the day before or after

* ideal for welcome party/bbq/farewells etc

* 800+ IMAGES

* includes 'stay till the bitter end' extra (see below)

* for the wild ones.






Does what it says on the tin. a 100% guarantee I will stay until the last song of the night. For the hardcore party crowd.




Can't wait to get your hands on the pics? Jump The queue. All of your wedding images edited and delivered within a week.




Recommended for weddings with upwards of 150 guests, and also useful for logistically 'busy' weddings Or if you just want more pics!


I document the day creatively as it happens. In the simplest terms: I take photos of the things that matter most and I don’t get in the way while I do it. I look for moments, big or small, and capture them artistically. The images should not only look great, they should also make you feel something. Take you back to that exact moment.

I start when you want and I stay until about an hour or two after the first dance – but I’m not gonna be rushing out the door, if there’s sparklers or something, no worries. Or if you are expecting epic dancefloor coverage you could add on the ‘Stay Till The Bitter End’ upgrade (see above) and I will STAY.TILL.THE.BITTER.END. Even if it gets messy. Especially if it gets messy!

Shit yeah, it’s all good with me. Love is love. People are people. No need to ask, I’m in.

Absolutely. I’ll shoot anywhere in the world, I love to travel! I’m regularly booked for weddings all over the UK.

1000% YES. I am literally obsessed with dogs. I have two Collies called  Ludo and Maddie and I love them with every inch of my soul. I will probably take more pics of your dog than anyone else at the wedding. You’ve been warned. I’ll also probably bring treats. And want cuddles.

Excellent. Let me know and I’ll send over a link to my online booking page. The date is secured when a contract has been signed (online) and a booking fee of £250 has been received. Dates book well in advance so please don’t leave it too late! I operate a first come, first served policy on dates.

I shoot on my own at 90% of weddings, as it allows me to remain discrete and focused. However, I can provide a second professional photographer if requested which can be useful at particularly large weddings. If you think that you may need/want two photographers, just tell me and we can discuss the options.

Absolutely! Your <insert family member> will kill me if I don’t! But seriously, you’ll probably be thankful for these in decades to come and I can sort this quickly and without fuss. I advise that the list of group shots be kept to the essentials to avoid disrupting your day too much, a sensible number for an average sized wedding is between 5-10 different groups. On the other hand, if you definitely don’t want any, that is fine too.

Yes I do document some of the details such as the flowers, table decorations, etc. Though I do focus way more of my attention on people and moments and atmosphere, as I believe that is far more important and that is where my emphasis will be.

No. Don’t stress about it. I always bring my own food, the caterers are busy enough without worrying about me. I would love permission to raid the canapes/buffet/sweets trolley though!

Absolutely you can, go for it. If you give any to other suppliers I’d love it if you could ask them to credit me, or better yet, just get them to drop me a line and I will sort the images for them.

I try my best to get them to you quickly, in the main season it is typically 3-4 weeks. If you are in a hurry I offer an Express Turnaround upgrade (see above) which gets them to you within a week.

Yes and yes. I have full professional personal and public liability insurance and have multiple cameras at each wedding, usually two on my person and more in the car.

Well firstly I have never missed or even been late for a wedding. It would have to be some serious shit to stop me attending. But if it ever happens, I do have a huge network of ace photographers that I can call on to try and find cover in an emergency.

Yes, fine art albums albums are available to design & order directly from within your wedding gallery. Or if you’d like me to come up with a more bespoke design just let me know and we can discuss the options.


Get in touch for a chat about your wedding photography.


We can meet for a coffee & cake if you are in Cornwall, or jump on a video chat.


If you are really lucky and ask nicely, I might let you meet my dogs!