How would you describe your style? In photographer speak: creative wedding photojournalism or documentary. In the simplest terms: I take photos of the things that matter most and I don’t get in the way while I do it. I look for moments, big or small, and capture them creatively. The images should not only look great, they should also make you feel something. Take you back to that time and place. If you want to read a full write up on my approach then click here.

Why hire a professional photographer? I guess it depends on the value you place on your memories. You could have guests with cameras and maybe get some reasonable shots, but owning a camera and knowing how to create artistic images are two vastly different things. A decent professional photographer has experience, a trained eye, creativity, technical knowledge,  professional camera equipment, professional editing software, insurance, backup equipment… etc. The only thing you will have left after a wedding is your memories and the images. Make them count.

What are your fees/packages? Please visit my pricing page for full details, or alternatively, just contact me and I will give you a full run down to suit your requirements.

Do you offer half day or shorter coverage? I am passionate about telling the unique story of each wedding, and for that reason, I offer a full day package only, with no limit on the hours. However, if you are having a particularly small wedding or an elopement perhaps, feel free to contact me to discuss options.

Do you travel outside of Cornwall? Absolutely, I’ll shoot anywhere in the world, I love to travel!

How many photos will we receive? Plenty! Honest answer is that it varies. From a full day I guarantee a minimum of 350+ images. I don’t really put a cap on the maximum, but 350 is the absolute minimum (it’s usually 550+!).

How do we book? Simply contact me to check on the availability of your date and I’ll send over a link to my online booking portal. The date is secured when a contract has been signed (online) and a booking fee of £250 has been received. Dates book well in advance so please don’t leave it too late! I operate a first come, first served policy on dates.

Do you shoot alone? I usually shoot on my own, as it allows me to remain discrete and focused. However, I can provide a second professional photographer if requested, it can be useful at particularly large weddings. If you think that you may need/want two photographer, just tell me and we can discuss the options.

Do you do group shots? Yes absolutely, I understand the desire to document the wedding groups and I can facilitate this quickly and without fuss. I advise that the list of group shots be kept to a minimum to avoid disrupting your day too much, a sensible number for an average sized wedding is about 3-5 different groups. On the other hand, if you don’t want any, that is fine too.

Do you shoot details? Yes I do document some of the details such as the flowers, table decorations, etc. Though I do focus way more of my attention on people and moments and atmosphere, as I believe that is far more important and that is where my emphasis will be.

Do you do colour and black & white? Every wedding will receive a selection of colour and black & white images, though the ratio varies depending on the venue, lighting, time of year, atmosphere etc. In general I find that summer weddings get roughly 95% colour and 5% black & white and by contrast, a wedding in the depths of winter when the sun is gone by 4.30pm; usually more like 80% colour. It just depends on which works best with each individual photo. If an image works really well in both and I can’t decide, I might give you both. I will say that in certain lighting scenarios, colour images do not work very well and black & white can become almost a necessity.

Can we meet before I book? Absolutely, I highly recommend it. Just contact me and we will set something up.

When will we see the photos? I try my best to get them to you quickly, but worst case you will have them within 6 weeks. It is usually faster.

Are you insured/do you have backups? Yes and yes. I have full professional personal and public liability insurance and have multiple cameras at each wedding, usually two on my person and another in the car.

Do you produce albums? Yes, I can design and supply bespoke high-quality handmade albums which start at £475. Head to my album page for details. You can also design them yourselves from within the gallery, with a drag & drop album builder, which saves you a little on the design costs, but has less options available.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

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