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My Approach

My Approach


I think weddings are wonderful bubbles of love and joy in this crazy world we live in, that are endlessly fascinating to photograph.


So my approach is to mingle into the wedding day, quietly snapping away all the moments that present themselves; I want my couples to feel like they are being photographed by a friend.


I pretty much work non-stop from when I arrive in the morning, until I pack up late at night; searching, watching, hunting for those elusive little moments that make up my images.


I believe that the images I make for you should make you feel something, not just look pretty. I believe they should earn that spot on the wall, in a frame.

What about portraits?

My portraits are relaxed and unfussy. They take way less time than you probably expect, and most couples love the little break away from the guests for a breather.


They are not heavily posed, but they are creative. Most importantly for me, I like to capture your personalities, your relationship, you being you.


Most of the time we just go for a short stroll and make some boss images on the way!


Oh, and groups shots... they don't have to be painful! I don't want you to be stood there for ages while your weddng day whizzes past. No fuss, just clean, simple and classy family portraits that your Nan will love.

At the end of the day it's YOU that make the photos, by living your wedding day to the fullest, by laughing till your face aches, by properly squeezing when you hug, by partying hard, by letting a little bit of YOUR crazy shine through.

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WHO is Paul FOx?

I'm the Photographer

at Albion Row Photography

I live in Cornwall in a little cottage with my amazing wife Tyra and our two gorgeous collie-dogs, Ludo & Maddie!


I love coffee, I need lots of it to survive. I am on a never-ending quest to make the best cheese on toast.


I'm a bit of a nerd. I love Wes Anderson & Taika Waititi films, Stranger Things, The Office, Parks & Recs, & I'm oddly fond of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I love dogs. I want to meet them all and give them belly rubs.


We have an awesome yellow campervan, cunningly called Bee.


Obviously I'm obsessed with photography. I also like people watching. The two of those combine perfectly as a wedding photographer.


I really love my job. It's awesome meeting new people and being so involved in such a huge moment for them. Never gets old.



Get in touch for a relaxed chat about your wedding photography. We can meet for a coffee & cake if you are in Cornwall, or jump on a video call.