Lusty Glaze Beach Wedding – Lucy & Todd

Lusty Glaze Wedding-169

Lusty Glaze beach is one of my absolute favourite wedding venues.

I grew up down the road from this beach and it always feels like home to me, so photographing weddings there is such a joy. After meeting Lucy and Todd, and seeing how much of a relaxed and fun couple they were, I was particularly looking forward to shooting this wedding. They didn’t disappoint!

Before we get into that though, if you are looking for a Lusty Glaze wedding photographer, make sure you check out my recently updated Lusty Glaze Wedding Photography page for tons of information about my work there.

Lucy and Todd’s wedding was colourful, totally laid back, and all about enjoying themselves with their friends and family. We had some crazy op-suits, cricket, tug-of-war, volleyball, and, of course, a little dip of the toes in the sea.

Later on we had the awesome ‘Land of the Giants’ with a dose of rhythmic, bass-filled ska that got everyone on the floor. Highly recommended band!

Lucy and Todd were an absolute delight to photograph, and are such an awesome couple with a real zest for life. They made me feel totally welcome and I enjoyed every bit.

If you are having a wedding at Lusty Glaze and want a photographer who can blend in with your guests and capture all the fun, get in touch!

Scroll down to enjoy some of Lucy and Todd’s beach wedding…

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