A wedding is so much more than a posed shot outside the church. A wedding is about more than the cake toppers (delightful though they may be). A wedding is not about the designer dress, or the shoes. These are all embellishments, tiny parts of the day. A wedding is more than the sum of its parts.

A wedding is a story. A celebration and declaration of two people in love, shared with their family and friends.

And like all good stories, there are big moments and small moments. The big moments are amazing; the walk up the aisle, the first kiss, speeches, the first dance & more. But where would these big moments be without all the small moments. The father reacting to seeing his beautiful daughter in her dress for the first time. The groom taking a deep breath in anticipation of his bride entering. The laughter of your close friends at the controversial best man’s speech. A reassuring touch from a loved one to settle your nerves. A massive bear hug from your grandfather, the pride just beaming across his face.

I am completely committed to capturing the story of each and every wedding I photograph. They are all individual and are treated as such, with every couple bringing a unique feel. I let that blossom, never taking over the day, no set poses, no repetition, your wedding day is allowed to flow naturally. I capture and preserve the true atmosphere of the day, all the big important moments, and a ton of those precious small moments too.

To me that is essentially what wedding photojournalism is; creative, authentic & honest storytelling.

Here are a few of my favorite moments, that with the accompanying commentary should give you an insight into my photography and my thought process.


I am always looking for ways to capture your images artistically, using my creative instincts to play with composition, colour and contrast. I try to include context, depth and layering in my images to tell stories. The images you receive will be far more than your average snapshots, and will have the ability to take you back to the moments and re-live them, a visual narrative of your day.


Photographing people is endlessly fascinating for me, this makes weddings and the emotions that go with them, a joy to photograph and the challenge of capturing real expressions is what drives me. Sometimes it is big, loud expressions. Sometimes it is a small touch or a tender, quiet moment. A split second of eye contact between a couple or a brief smile can transform an image from the average to the spectacular. Sometimes the emotion is so raw and on show that it is palpable, like in the image below of a father hugging his daughter, his pride just overflowing.


For the vast majority of the day I will remain inconspicuous, blending in with your guests, quietly observing and anticipating. I dress like a guest, and don’t boss people around or take over in any way. I use the latest camera technology, and my cameras are both smaller and quieter than your average photographer. You won’t be hearing the clack, clack of a loud shutter, and in fact most people comment that they didn’t even realise I was taking shots, which is exactly how I want it to be. I rarely use flash, as I think it is too distracting, instead preferring to make use of the available light, which also helps to preserve the atmosphere of your wedding.


You may be wondering how the bride & groom portraits work if I don’t pose people. Well, the majority of people aren’t particularly comfortable in front of a lens when being posed, so I have developed my style to allow for portraits without any of the awkwardness involved. My portrait sessions are relaxed and natural; I would basically ask you to take 10-15 minutes to yourselves and go for a stroll, cuddle, relax, chat and enjoy yourselves. This might be the first time you have had to yourselves the entire day. I then take unobtrusive shots of you while you relax; I won’t pose you limb by limb, I won’t want you to look into the camera at all or do anything cheesy or contrived, I would describe it as a ‘gentle’ portrait session. And it is, of course, completely optional. Here's a few examples of the results.

Most importantly...

You should be having fun! The single most important thing to me is that your wedding day does not feel like a photo-shoot. You should be free to enjoy the day without worrying about photography or being whisked away for hours on end.

It's your wedding day! Be awesome and enjoy every minute!

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