Tom & Cat – A Farm Wedding at Cubert

A farm wedding in Cubert near Newquay

Sometimes the heavens align, everything goes right, everything feels right and you just know that your job is ace and you are one lucky person to do this for a living. Tom & Cat’s wedding was one of those days; it was an absolute joy to be their wedding photographer and have a small part to play in their wedding day.

Tom & Cat’s wedding was on the family farm, in Cubert near Newquay, with the ceremony in a small orchard. It was personal. It was DIY. It was beautiful. But back to the start…

Because of our countries outdated and ridiculous marriage laws, Tom and Cat were forced to first do the ‘legal bit’ at the local registry office. Paperwork done, we headed off to nearby Crantock Beach for a stroll in the Cornish drizzle. At this point fingers were crossed for the weather to clear up before the afternoon ceremony in the orchard. I don’t know if someone did some kind of sun-dance or something, but it worked and 5 minutes before the ceremony was due to start, the weather started clearing up, and a short while later we were treated to some gloriously beautiful sunshine – happy days!

The ceremony was beautiful, so much emotion, so much love; the vows were led by Cat’s brother, who did a wonderful job, and it lent it a personal touch that was really lovely.

After a mad-dash of a confetti run, in which I was back-pedalling down a grassy slope (thanks for the warning Cat & Tom!), everyone settled in for the evening merriment – drinking, eating, speeches, dancing, and just general fun times were had by all! Tom had spent a good deal of time making a homemade fireworks display and quite frankly, it put some of the professional ones I’ve seen to shame!

It was so much fun to hang out with Tom & Cat for the day, and their friends and family were all lovely; a truly brilliant day!

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We’ll start off after the registry office when we arrived at Crantock beach, scroll down through for a small selection of this brilliant wedding…

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