Wedding Photography at Polhawn Fort

Polhawn Fort Wedding-143

I had been looking forward to this wedding since I met Ez & Karen, and their Polhawn Fort wedding did not disappoint!

Ez & Karen are such a cool couple, so relaxed and fun to be around and I knew their day would be quirky, unique and full of laughs!

Polhawn Fort was the perfect wedding venue for them, and their family & friends. Tucked away on the coast, it’s an amazing hideaway for a wedding day party.

They filled their day with unique touches and details that reflected them perfectly, and they seemed to just enjoy every minute and you could really feel how much they are in love!

It was a joy to go back to Polhawn, you can see another Polhawn wedding on my blog here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are getting married at Polhawn or anywhere! I’m always happy to have a chat about your plans!

Scroll down for a small selection of wedding images from this awesome day…

Polhawn Fort Wedding-100Wedding Photography_1047Polhawn Fort Wedding-104Polhawn Fort Wedding-108Polhawn Fort Wedding-109Polhawn Fort Wedding-111Polhawn Fort Wedding-113Polhawn Fort Wedding-115Polhawn Fort Wedding-116Polhawn Fort Wedding-118Polhawn Fort Wedding-119Polhawn Fort Wedding-120Polhawn Fort Wedding-121Polhawn Fort Wedding-122Polhawn Fort Wedding-124Polhawn Fort Wedding-126Polhawn Fort Wedding-127Polhawn Fort Wedding-128Polhawn Fort Wedding-130Polhawn Fort Wedding-132
Polhawn Fort Wedding-137Polhawn Fort Wedding-138Polhawn Fort Wedding-139Polhawn Fort Wedding-140Polhawn Fort Wedding-143Polhawn Fort Wedding-144Polhawn Fort Wedding-145Polhawn Fort Wedding-149Polhawn Fort Wedding-153Polhawn Fort Wedding-155Polhawn Fort Wedding-157Polhawn Fort Wedding-160Polhawn Fort Wedding-161Polhawn Fort Wedding-162Polhawn Fort Wedding-167Polhawn Fort Wedding-168Polhawn Fort Wedding-169Polhawn Fort Wedding-171Polhawn Fort Wedding-172Polhawn Fort Wedding-173Polhawn Fort Wedding-174

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