DIY super fun wedding – Rich & Meegs

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It’s really, really difficult to see through the viewfinder of your camera when your eye’s are welling up. I discovered this during the speeches at Rich & Megan’s wedding. I find it hard not to get a bit emotionally involved in wedding days anyway, but when you are photographing two very dear friends tying the knot it makes the probability of ‘eye-wetness-syndrome’ increase exponentially.

My day started at Rich & Megan’s house, with Rich getting into his rather vibrant blue suit. Stylish it was, subtle it was not! Then it was off to Penventon Park Hotel to join Megan and her posse, with everyone very happy and in high spirits.

Megan made her wonderful entrance to the theme of Jurassic Park, which was quite frankly amazing. The ceremony was warm, emotional and genuine, with some lovely readings.

Even though we had some wet weather (in August!!), it didn’t stop the guests making the most of the various games that Rich & Meegs had set up back at the village hall. Next up was the dinosaur-making competition, naturally. This was followed by the speeches, including an incredible am-dram performance speech by the best man, Mr Martin Roy Geach, involving a beautiful rendition of ‘I can show you the world’ from Aladdin. Comedy aside though, the speeches were all genuine and from the heart, and knowing most of the people in the room personally, there were moments that really got to me. After a cracking homemade feast, lovingly supplied by hard working friends and family, it was on to some rather wild and inventive dancing.

A stunning day all round which just goes to show that you do not need flashy venues, tons of money or even good weather to have an amazing wedding; all you really need are awesome friends and family, a positive attitude and a whole lot of love!

Scroll down for a few faves and don’t hesitate to get in touch for your own DIY-wedding…

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