Fearless Award Winner!

Just a bit excited/surprised/honoured to find out that I’ve won my first Fearless award for one of my images!

Only 218 images were selected from well over 9000 submissions for this latest collection. It’s a difficult award to win and really well respected in the industry so I’m absolutely buzzing to have finally got one! There’s currently only 10 Fearless award winners in the South West region of the UK, and only a few in Cornwall, and I’m incredibly happy to join them!

I absolutely love simple, emotional images and this image for me encapsulates that. A tender, joyous moment that goes by in flash. One of my personal favourites, so I’m really pleased it was chosen for an award. Emma was so openly emotional and happy all day long and this moment with her Gran was just so beautiful.

For photographers reading this: The image was shot on a Sony A9 & 35 f1.4 @ f2.8. Nothing particularly fancy with the technique in itself, but I almost certainly took this with the rear tilt screen, right in close to them, and with my invisibility cloak on! These kind of moments are so short and fleeting, you really have to anticipate them and be in the right place and ready to capture it before it’s happened. You also need the full trust of your couple, and to have built a certain rapport and ease with the wedding guests, so that they feel comfortable enough to have you present during moments like this.

You can see more from Emma & Will’s amazingly colourful festival wedding here, and please do get in touch with me if you want emotionally driven, fun & vibrant images at your wedding.

So happy with this award! Thanks Fearless judges!


Award winning image Cornwall

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