Best of 2014!

Best of 2014? I don’t know, but these are just a few of my favourites…

Loads have been missed out, loads that could have easily been in here, and after trawling through my catalogue trying to decide which should go in here, I eventually decided to just go with my gut and pick out images that caught my eye. So without further ado, here are the ‘Images That I Took At Weddings In 2014 Which Caught My Eye For No Real Reason Other Than I Like Them’.

Fine, we’ll stick with ‘Best Of 2014’.

Best of 2014-61Best of 2014-65Best of 2014-54Best of 2014-14Best of 2014-7Best of 2014-1Best of 2014-2Best of 2014-4Best of 2014-59Best of 2014-8Best of 2014-9Best of 2014-10Best of 2014-13Best of 2014-5Best of 2014-15Best of 2014-3Best of 2014-16Best of 2014-48Best of 2014-19Best of 2014-12Best of 2014-20Best of 2014-21Best of 2014-22Best of 2014-23Best of 2014-51Best of 2014-24Best of 2014-25Best of 2014-6Best of 2014-18Best of 2014-26Best of 2014-27Best of 2014-28Best of 2014-32Best of 2014-31Best of 2014-33Best of 2014-34Best of 2014-35Best of 2014-36Best of 2014-37Best of 2014-39Best of 2014-41Best of 2014-58Best of 2014-42Best of 2014-43Best of 2014-44Best of 2014-68Best of 2014-62Best of 2014-45Best of 2014-47Best of 2014-49Best of 2014-50Best of 2014-17Best of 2014-53Best of 2014-38Best of 2014-55Best of 2014-40Brides gives Groom a tender kissBest of 2014-56Best of 2014-57Best of 2014-11Best of 2014-63Best of 2014-64Best of 2014-66Best of 2014-67Best of 2014-60


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