Best of 2014!

Best of 2014? I don’t know, but these are just a few of my favourites…

*Update: you can see more recent ‘best of’ collections here for 2018 and 2019*

Loads have been missed out, loads that could have easily been in here, and after trawling through my catalogue trying to decide which should go in here, I eventually decided to just go with my gut and pick out images that caught my eye. So without further ado, here are the ‘Images That I Took At Weddings In 2014 Which Caught My Eye For No Real Reason Other Than I Like Them’.

Fine, we’ll stick with ‘Best Of 2014’.

Best of 2014-61Best of 2014-65Best of 2014-54Best of 2014-7Best of 2014-1Best of 2014-2Best of 2014-4Best of 2014-59Best of 2014-8Best of 2014-9Best of 2014-10Best of 2014-13Best of 2014-5Best of 2014-15Best of 2014-3Best of 2014-16Best of 2014-48Best of 2014-19Best of 2014-12Best of 2014-20Best of 2014-21Best of 2014-22Best of 2014-23Best of 2014-51Best of 2014-24Best of 2014-25Best of 2014-6Best of 2014-18Best of 2014-26Best of 2014-27Best of 2014-28Best of 2014-32Best of 2014-31Best of 2014-33Best of 2014-34Best of 2014-35Best of 2014-36Best of 2014-37Best of 2014-39Best of 2014-41Best of 2014-58Best of 2014-42Best of 2014-43Best of 2014-44Best of 2014-68Best of 2014-62Best of 2014-45Best of 2014-47Best of 2014-49Best of 2014-50Best of 2014-17Best of 2014-53Best of 2014-38Best of 2014-55Best of 2014-40Brides gives Groom a tender kissBest of 2014-56Best of 2014-57Best of 2014-11Best of 2014-63Best of 2014-64Best of 2014-66Best of 2014-67Best of 2014-60


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